Judging Team

Download the 2013 Wagner Award Competition Rules

William Barack, Ph.D., Barack Capital Management

Dr. Bill Barack holds BS, MS and Ph.D. degrees in aerospace engineering and enjoyed 30+ year career in designing manufacturing processes and equipment. He served as the Engineering Manager for Calphalon Corporation, consulted with various Fortune 500 companies for Morrison Knudsen, and spent 20 years with General Electric designing products from jet engines to light bulbs. This experience instilled in Barack an appreciation for rigorous system design and implementation which he carried over into the formation of Barack Capital Management in 2000. Removing as many uncertainties as possible and managing those that still exist is integral to his management processes.

John Ehlers, MESA Software

John Ehlers is the author of the MESA cycles-measuring program and the books “MESA and Trading Market Cycles”, “Rocket Science for Traders”, and “Cybernetic Analysis for Stocks & Futures.”  An electrical engineer, Ehlers received his BSEE and MSEE from the University of Missouri and did his doctoral work at The George Washington University, specializing in Fields & Waves and Information Theory. He has retired as a Senior Engineering Fellow with one of the largest Aerospace Companies. Ehlers has been a private trader since 1976. He discovered Maximum Entropy Spectrum Analysis while attending an Information Theory seminar in 1978 and reduced the theory to a computer program useful for trading. Ehlers has written extensively about technical trading and has spoken internationally on the subject.

Gregory L. Morris, Stadion Money Management, Inc.

Gregory L. Morris is the Sr. Vice President, Chief Technical Analyst, and Chairman of the Investment Committee for Stadion Money Management, Inc. managing over $7 Billion in assets in two mutual funds, separate accounts, and 401k plans. He holds a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering; speaks at numerous seminars and investment groups; has had several appearances on Financial News Network (FNN), Fox Business, CNBC and Bloomberg TV; and has been featured in publications, such as Investor’s Business Daily, Business Week, Barron’s, Stocks and Commodities and Bloomberg Markets. In addition to numerous investment-related articles he’s written, he has published his second book with McGraw-Hill; The Complete Guide to Market Breadth Indicators introducing market breadth analysis for investors. A third edition (original edition in 1992) to his best-selling and vastly expanded Candlestick Charting Explained was released in March 2006. Most recently, he was invited to Italy, Brazil, Vietnam, Canada, Singapore and China to lecture on the merits of technical market analysis.

John McClure, ProfitScore Capital Management, Inc.

John is the founding shareholder of ProfitScore Capital Management, Inc. As President and C.E.O., he is responsible for all investment management oversight. Mr. McClure is the developer of the proprietary algorithm, EquiTrend®, currently used by ProfitScore and other money management firms to manage client assets. Mr. McClure is responsible for overall business strategy, operations, and risk management. Mr. McClure is a current board member and past President for the National Association of Active Investment Managers (“NAAIM”), a trade association of over 150 registered investment advisory firms who collectively manages approximately $14 billion.

Jerry Wagner, Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd.

Jerry C. Wagner has been active in market analysis, designing methodologies and management of personal investment portfolios since 1969. He was a founding member and has served as a Director, Chairman, President, and Vice President of the National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM). Wagner earned a BA in political science and a Master’s in industrial relations from Michigan State University and went on to receive his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan. He initially made his career in the legal profession and was head of the tax and securities law department of a 35-attorney law firm. He has been President, Director and sole shareholder of Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd. since its formation in February 1981.

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